A.D. Bicak, MD


I am a board-certified family physician who has practiced in Bentonville for over 15 years. I have developed a reputation for providing quality, affordable, individualized, and friendly healthcare to people of all ages. I realize that the cost of prescription medications can often be more than the cost of an office visit and, therefore, I try to prescribe generic medications to my patients whenever reasonable. I was recognized by Blue Cross Blue Shield for having one of the highest generic prescribing rates for primary care physicians in our region. My overall practice style can be described as “patient friendly / patient focused”.


I grew up in Texas and studied Biochemistry at Texas A&M University; graduating with honors in 1992. I then attended The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas; graduating in 1996. I developed an appreciation for a family physician’s role as the patient’s advocate in an often impersonal, technology-dependent healthcare system. For this reason, I chose to become a family physician. I completed my residency training through the University of Arkansas in 1999 and was then certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. Since completing residency, I have been involved in the full-time practice of medicine in Bentonville.


I developed an appreciation for community service during my residency training that complemented my interest in other cultures. Because of this, I have participated in several medical mission trips to Central America and Africa that were sponsored by various local churches.  I believe our unique life circumstances make each one of us perfectly suited for carrying out our Creator’s desired plan for our lives.


I met my wife, Wendy, in junior high and we married just before medical school. We have been married over 20 years and have two children. We attend CrossChurch and enjoy Shiloh Saints football games, kayaking, and hiking. Wendy previously worked as a physical therapist and is the office manager at The Clinic at Commerce Centre. We are committed to each other and to your healthcare as well!